The Life of House Cats

The Life of House Cats

This documentary looks into the strange and mysterious world of the common house cat.




Accessibility is defined as how easy an item is to use. This is very important for computers as they have a variety of users with different needs interacting with them on a day-to-day basis. Accessibility is very important because many people who have disabilities have to use computers, but need assistance to do so.

• This product is called a Type Aid. It helps people that have limited hand movement to be able to press the keys that they need to on the keyboard. While this is not a product that I would have to use, I feel that it has great potential and can come in very handy for those who are limited in the way that their hands and arms move. This product would also be good for those, who not only do not have that much movement in their arms, but those who do not have the ability of speech and cannot use speech functions that are found on computers.

The following two websites have accessibility issues;

This site from the very beginning has a terrible layout. When you first get to the website, it seems as if someone just took a bunch of pictures and threw them onto the site. Trying to find the navigation bar is impossible as there doesn’t seem to be one, and links that take you to other parts of the website are also scattered across the main page. Once you actually find a link to click, the pages they take you to are also very disorganized and look as if no effort was put into them. I feel like the only way to improve this site would be to start from scratch. A navigation bar would be a good place to start, as well as creating a layout to follow instead of just haphazardly placing images and content where ever they feel like.

For this website, the biggest problem that I found was that the navigation bar moved continuously. The idea itself is cool, but I found it very hard to keep track of where everything was. For those people that have disabilities that hinder their motion, a moving navigation bar would make it almost impossible to explore any further into this site. Also, every time you click on the page that is not on one of the links, it sends all of them in different directions. To improve this site, a stationary navigation bar would be the best place to start.

Accessibility is very important in our world today. Without it, sites can experience loss of viewers if their layout or navigation is too complicated for the average user to use. Today, the average user includes people that have been using the computer their whole life, people who do not use the computer that much, and those who have disabilities that restrict how they must and can interact with computers.




For this assignment we had to take pictures of items that were; grey, white and black and take them at different exposures. I didn’t really like this assignment as I found it to be kind of boring. It was also a lot harder to find something the colour grey then I thought it would be. 

Extreme Close-Up



This is an extreme close-up of an orange that was dropped into a fish tank of water. This was my favorite assignment to do so far as the pictures all turned out to look pretty good in the end, and they were fun to set up. The orange was my favorite because of the colour of it, and the bubble that is in the picture as well.  



This photo shows the rule of thirds.



This photo shows a forced perspective. I really enjoyed taking both of these photos, and had a lot of fun working with my two friends for this.

Times New Roman



This font is found in all applications that use type, as one of the main basic fonts the user can choose from. It was created in 1929 by a typographer called Stanley Morison, and an advertising artist called Victor Lardent. The fonts ‘Times Roman’ and ‘Times New Roman’ are the same font, they are just licensed by different companies which is why the type has two slightly different names. This font gets its name from the newspaper company called ‘Times of London’, where both of its creators worked. Since it was created at a newspaper, the text itself is narrow so that more text could fit onto a single line.


Copyright and Fair Dealing!


            Copyright is a law that holds the rights to the reproduction, publication and sales of a piece of work. It helps protects the authors/creators from having their work used without their consent, protecting them from the loss of any revenue or acknowledgement that they might receive. Copyright protects a variety of different mediums, ranging from paintings to writing to music.

            Fair dealing in Canada is very strict. To show films or shows in schools, permission must be granted by the owner of the copyright or else it cannot be shown without breaking the law. Fair dealing is a form of copyright that makes it much more difficult for people to share works that have been copyrighted.

            Fair dealing effects the creator of the work by making sure their creation is properly protected. Under fair dealing, their work cannot be shown without their consent. For the user it makes using copyrighted work a lot more difficult. Without the permission of the creator, using it would be breaking copyright law. This limits what a user can and cannot use in projects, and makes creating websites and designs a lot slower of a process.